Saturday, December 12, 2009

5 days and more than 9 reasons to be in Rome

For five days i was in Rome. It was a welcome invitation after i spent more than 10 days in bed with medication. But this is not the main reason i was there. Here are a few of good reasons to go there so I'll put them in order that for me counted, but for other people could be different.

No description required

The accommodation room with bathroom
situated near Pyramids
at reasonable price of 80 €/night for 2 persons with breakfast included

I must say that we had breakfast, dinner and free accommodation - but this is another story! Look for Altheainn they will update the site soon; or just go there:
via dei Conciatori 9, 00154 roma (RM), Italy
Also check this map to see how to get there with the buss.

Piazza Venezia
You can find better photos on the net but this was my favorite view.

Vatican Citadel

Triton Fountain
(Triton son of Neptune and Amphitrite)

The Pantheon

San Paolo

fuori le mura

Piazza Navona

Fontana di Trevi

All this are not the only places in Rome to go and for sure is needed more time to spent on each one. That is why i'll try later one to make a review for all of them, separately.
To end this short, i have to thank to Alexandru, Angella and Adriana that offered me this possibility to visit Rome and made me Happy one more time.


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Optus Whale Song
But again ... people have lacks communicating. Or some people are not interested on what the others are saying ...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The pain ...

More often i try to respect peoples willings, and as more i try more pain i have to endure. People are to lazy to understand some other people willings and needs so that person has to be more humble and be the one that understands. Strange thing because all the pleasure to be nice with people becomes a pain just because that. So i ask: how should i be, how should i act ... as humble more than you need, or as i am as you should understand?
Remember that: We not take what can harm but we can give more than that ...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More about PHP and MySQL

This days i was tested by remembering some PHP futures, so was a good opportunity for me to get in touch again. Long tome i did not make any application for web that involved PHP and MySQL, but now i am more determinate to go on with it. Also now I'm testing some things, a good and quick behavior, grate futures especially using *.tpl and data bases.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Prices Prices Prices

Woo !
There is a tool on World Wide Web that expresses the result of some sort of criteria regarding the prices for an entire web site. The purpose I put the link in here is because some people might be interested. So, you can make the calculations here
My opinion: is a grate tool and reflects perfect a professional or semiprofessional work remuneration ...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm starting to make a personal web page

I think that is a good time for me to start making my own web page. But there is no one following this blog, so no one that can give some advice in what i want to do. There are some money i have to invest, some time to spend and a few years of experience. I do not want to end up fulfilling my hobby; there is a question in the void ... "I'll be successful ?"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What my cousin does ???

He beets the drums as hell ... Check this out:

Back on blogging

After a absence i decide to start the blog again. It is hard to find time (steel the time is not my friend) to put a few lines here. The truth is that my job is eating allot of time and also what i do for hobby eats more time.
Today I was supposed to go in holidays but i found some more wok to do. I delayed the date, hope there is chance to find a decent place to go this days.

I "discovered" New Caledonia and i'd love to go there ... Some day ... maybe
The site i was looking for from TFWA

Monday, March 9, 2009

Time is not my friend

There is no time to make all i want. It is like a 24 hour day became 8 hours day. I sleep less and less every day to gain more seconds, minutes, hours on what i am doing and nothing. No success to complete all the quests a human's day life requires.
The most interesting in what i am doing is that i started the study of the Bible. I believe that should be The Way and it is the purpose and represents the truth, but for now i am to concerned doing what i learned before ...